Non-contact Sport

Only game I know

In which there is no reason

To touch is cricket


n.b. But if the ball makes contact, it will mark you.

n.n.b. Doh! A ball bowled from a bare hand then hit in the air may be caught in a naked grasp. So a risk…

n.n.n.b. Someone had cut the field this afternoon; it smelt beautiful, just beautiful.

CLP 16/03/2020

Salix Alba Caerulea

Deep roots draw strength

From river banks; soggy fields

Pink shoots top out crown


n.b. This willow, from which cricket bats are made, thrives in fresh water zones of temperate lands. In the early part of the year the tips of this salix tree bring a refreshing light red hue to winter, a hope-filled indicator of better things to come, such as the cricket season.

At Havant station yesterday I looked over to the adjacent cricket field where a bulky chap was mowing the square. I could smell the chlorophyll on the breeze from the grass cutting. It released a butterfly cloud of cricket related memories in my head. Heaven!

CLP 01/03/2020

January Road Trip (XXXII)

Thursday night, Hertford

The White Horse and dominoes

An innocent spot


n.b. The White Horse, Hertford is a Real Ale pub. No juke box, no pool table. Log fire. Just people talking over pints and playing dominoes in a half-serious-not-serious kind of way. Passing the evening reminiscing about cricket, former club-mates, opponents and favourite grounds.

A very pleasant evening indeed before the last leg of this January’s road trip.

CLP 30/01/2020

On The Front Foot


Eyes level, focus

Backlift, then swing through the line

Lead with head, not foot


n.b. If a batsman always leads with the front foot there is the serious risk of being yorked by the bowler adjusting the length of a delivery to pitch the ball underneath the bottom of the bat. What a good batter does is watch each ball’s line and length and play each delivery on its merits, whilst taking into account the match situation.

n.n.b. Alexander “Boris” Johnson, currently Her Majesty’s Prime Minister and Minister for The Union, prattles on about being on the front foot all the time. He purports this to mean he is being positive and setting the tone. Superbia et ante ruinum exaltatur, as they said in Rome, before it fell.


CLP 27/07/2019

On Rain XV

Shifts in the Jetstream

Washing machine turbulance

Ark! Heralds now sing


n.b. The above image shows the Jetstream forecast path and speeds as at 00:00 today. This pattern is unusual and is likely to continue for a sustained period. This particular air flow will help produce some quite wet weather, delivered in bulky packages until the Jetstream returns to a more usual arrangement. Nothing we can do about that except put on the wet weather clothing, close the M25 because of sink holes and review any plans in the pipeline for outdoor activities, (the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, or Glastonbury Festival, for example).

Over a month’s rain forecast for parts of the north-west Europe each day for the next several days.


CLP 11/06/2019

On the Field

Man versus Nature

Blades of steel v. blades of grass

Cricket’s the winner


n.b. The smell of cut grass releases various plant chemicals into the air. They signal the start of the English cricket season, even though there are weeks to the first coin toss and the first delivery.

In the picture above the light green patch of grass is the hallowed turf of a cricket square.

CLP 14/03/2019