On the Weekend (VIII)

What drama awaits?

Crash! Pause. Bang! Fence creaks. Snap!

Scutter of debris


n.b. ‘Scutter’ may be a new word to you – it is to me. It is the sound of something hard and heavy being dragged in irregular bursts along a city street by a powerful draught, gust or gale.

As the day breaks temperature changes in the atmosphere brought with sunrise add complexity to the storm. This is one confused, angry storm.

CLP 09/02/2020

Two Doves

Pure white at first light

Flicker in the grey, rise up

From emptied pasture


n.b. Where two Devon Red cows had been seen each morning, (until this Wednesday), usually scratching at the wire protecting the young tree, a pair of doves were sitting. I saw them alight their perch and fly up into the dawn. They reminded me of the last of the cattle that once grazed here at Thornfalcon.

CLP 13/09/2019

Hey Girl! Hay Boy!

Camden Town Friday night

Summer light fading slow

Rush to London dressed in best

Stroll around see who’s out

Join the queue smart flash club

Clothes now feel out of date

Pay and enter eyes adjust

Find a bar check the change

Can’t afford more at this rate

Quick decision just one drink

Had enough to get a buzz

Happy chatting wanna a dance

Try to chat above the beat

Lip reading not easy done

Lean on balcony watch the floor

City woman with throaty laugh

Cutting back at we young blades

Wry amusement at attention

Puts us back where we belong

With one swift pointed question

“So, where are you two boys from

up here in The Smoke

with straw in your hair?”


n.b. I do know that straw is not hay, before anyone tries to correct me, but I was making a reference in the title to The Chemical Brothers great dance track, which was released many years after the events of the above evening.


CLP 07/06/2019