Moments of time caught

Touch stones, listen to echoes

Hot feet on cool flags


n.b. There are places and events in life that stay close to the heart, others are left in situ for your unexpected, unplanned reappearance, ready to catch you unawares. How you spontaneously respond will tell you a lot about how the evoked recollection has registered with you.


This morning I heard a remarkable story of coincidence in respect of a death foretold and its place of happening. A poignant moment for the teller.


This afternoon I found myself in a village that I never thought I would see again without carefully plotting a return. An invitation to pay a visit to a relative led me into surprise and delight on arrival at the location, only once briefly seen in July 2018, on a hot summer day. The fresh cold streams channeled through stone gutters and the reviving beer flooded back to me. I was awash in nostalgia.


CLP 17/01/2020

Man vs. Bird

He climbed over the slates

Up the chimney stack

Chicken-wire to hand

To prevent the jackdaw building its nest

In the pot above the house

Nerve-racked, sweating, while up so high

He returned to ground with shaking knees

Proud of how he fixed the hole

Thirty-five feet up in the dank Devon sky

Smoke still draws out, but now bird-proof

We stood back and admired his craft

Then heard the bird’s approaching laugh

Within minutes its ashen head was once more within

So he will have to climb that stack again


n.b. As a fascinated observer I give credit to both Tim and his resident corvid guest for their good-natured persistence in this seasonal tussle.

CLP 18/11/2019