Plot Lines

Her and Him

Him and Her


A story that drew them

Across the sea

Through mountain passes

By the lake

Through the vines

Along the beach

Coast to coast

In sunsets, at sunrises

On trains. ferries, planes

Bikes, cars, on foot

To caf├ęs, restaurants, hotels

Bookshops and op shops

To farms and gardens

Caravans, tipi, yurt

As shepherds, cowhands, gardeners

Vintners, juicers

Painters, carpenters

Chicken farmers

They worked

Then Earth tilted toward Winter

Its axis wobbled

Threw them out

Unravelled the thread

Her and Him

Him and Her

Started writing

Different stories

Without firm conclusions


CLP 15/01/2020


It flew so close to our heads

That we heard its dry papery wings flickering

My eyes caught the colour, but could not track its flight

Rapid shifts of deep metallic blue against all the shades of green

Against the reeds and rushes, the weeping willow trailing in the pond

Ita jagging, zigger, sideward, upward, forward motions

Stop, hover, start and gone

Out of my vision and beyond my comprehension

This ancient creature from before humanity’s imagination

Slips through slits between millennia

Distorting time and twisting space


n.b. Dragonflies are one of nature’s innumerable wonders. Fossils remain that have been dated back over 300 million years.

The vivid colouring and the agility in flight of this spectacular insect are remarkable; the sound of those four independent wings in flight is unforgettable.

CLP  29/06/2019