Ships in the Night

Tonight here in the old stable

The weather worsens

Wind rattles loose boards

Pulls at rickety wooden panels

Pushes at the doors

Tugs the roof

Rain casts itself in waves

On windows

While I lie here

Dreaming of storms on the high seas

Knowing when I wake

I’ll be back safe alongside


CLP 09/01/2020


Where does reality lie?

Conscious imaginings set the pulse racing

A word, phrase

Silence, a pause

Unsettle the soul

Then comes the unbearable night

In once shared places

Spaces and darkness fill

With half-formed images

Spectres haunt the heart

I wake mouthing words

That make no sense


n.b. Fictional composition.

CLP 03/01/2020

On Money

What is it you need?

A ajunge acasa

Here is your ticket


n.b. Romanian for “To get home”

Yesterday a friend sought help from family and acquaintances to find out what ailed a young, homeless man.

He had travelled in hope of work to Switzerland, having paid an agent to get him there. He was stranded, hungry, cold and wet.

One of her friends spoke Romanian better than he spoke English. They spoke on the telephone.

When his needs were understood, my friend took him to a café for a meal, bought him a ticket home online and funded him to buy his own food for the journey (including some Swiss chocolate to take back to his wife).

Simply giving cash would have been quicker and easier, but does handing out coins and notes alone change anything?

Can we lift ourselves above personal day-to-day concerns and see, hear and help those with more urgent needs?


CLP 22/10/2019

To My Father

I heard “I love you”

Spoken to me in a dream

I cried myself awake


n.b. How do we deal with loss? How do we learn to accept that there will be no more moments, nor conversations shared with one we loved?

CLP 01/02/2019