On Time and Space

The Sun sheds light on another day

Earth circles and spins

Calendar turns to new year

Nothing as before


n.b. In some respects we are back at the beginning, but this is not so. This solar system has been moving through the Universe whilst our blue planet has rotated on its axis and circumnavigated the Sun. We are at a place we have not been before and we will never return. The saying, “Never go back” is spurious advice; we cannot as “back” no longer exists. Forward is all there is.


See how fast the new year goes? It is already the 3rd day.


CLP 03/01/2020

On 1st January, 2020

Constellation of Orion and other stars visible in the Northern Hemisphere in winter

Stars light years away

Illuminate our night sky

Blind to our being


n.b. Our year, the circuit of this planet around our star in 365 days is unique to our situation in this solar system, if not the Universe. When we look out into space it is awe-inspiring to consider that vastness and our tiny place within it. Happy new year fellow travellers.


CLP 01/01/2020

On the Land


Passing o’er our heads

Sun draws our starry-eyed gaze

She weeps for the soil


n.b. If we look to the earth beneath our feet we will discover that all life depends on restoring the soil to good health.

Imagine: skin sealed by concrete, tarmac and bricks; diet of insecticides, herbicides, nitrates and other manufactured supplements; burrowed into for minerals and rare metals; used as a site to fill with uncompostable waste; deployed as a testing ground for atomic weapons; stripped of cooling foliage; drained of water; compacted by herds of cattle; exploited for short-term profit of cash crops; forced to breathe noxious fumes.

How would you feel?

CLP 29/01/2019