The Sun’s Set – A Review

So much consistent applause for this show

It seems almost clichéd to join in

But this is one that faultlessly runs day into night

Night after night

Responding fearlessly to the high pressure

Of repeat performances

With magical lighting

Sound effects delightful

Words cannot capture the exquisite beauty

Her Infinite variety of displays

Fearless artistic improvisation

Every evening

Leading her co-stars on stage

With the most brilliant first, Venus

Then too many to mention by name that follow

Except, the Moon

A sickle crescent now – 

Wait until she shines full

Happily, I would watch this every evening


n.b. Day 27 prompt: Write a review in poem form of something that may not usually get reviews.

Christopher Perry

27th April, 2020

January Road Trip (XXXII)

Thursday night, Hertford

The White Horse and dominoes

An innocent spot


n.b. The White Horse, Hertford is a Real Ale pub. No juke box, no pool table. Log fire. Just people talking over pints and playing dominoes in a half-serious-not-serious kind of way. Passing the evening reminiscing about cricket, former club-mates, opponents and favourite grounds.

A very pleasant evening indeed before the last leg of this January’s road trip.

CLP 30/01/2020