On la mode de nos jours

Narcissistic days

Isolation rooms for hearts

Where did the “Love” go?


n.b. Open your heart to Love; look out, not in. If you love someone and they love you, there will be room for you both to blossom.

Love is not a steel trap closing, but a gradual opening of windows where air and light pours in.

CLP 14/02/2020

“Football? I don’t get it”

Our talk turned to football

As it would sat at “The Cricketers”

In Small Heath on the hill

On a February afternoon

Carrying snow in the air

Close to frost on the ground

“I follow The Blues. Ever since my father took me along.

I was twelve then, in 1954

But I like football generally

You know?”

‘I do’ I said

And our match was made

For 90 minutes

With time added on

For good company


n.b. Either you get it, or you don’t. Danny, aged 77 is still 12 years old when he talks football. “Owh! Just look at his face! Look at his face!” as Barry Davies re-marked during a BBC Match of the Day commentary many years ago. You can see the light in the eyes.

I only met Danny yesterday and probably won’t ever see him again, but what a great conversationalist.

CLP 12/02/2020

In Snow

Wind whisked flurries

White blotches spatter bared skin

Bathers sink in mist


n.b. Lavey Les Bains is always worth a visit in winter. The hot springs are an enlivening experience on a frosty morning, with steam clouds rising into clear blue skies above the looming mountains from the waters.

The experience is even more invigorating during snowfall, as the mix of warm and cold air forms swirling fog that consumes the visitors to the spa, leaving the effect that you have the open air baths to yourself and your companion – it’s magical!


CLP 05/02/2020


The last of the day’s brief Sun

Turned the far peaks pink

The lake, already deep blue in night’s shadow,

Trembled at the touch of the easterly breeze,

Flicked flecks of light from the opposite shore

As they walked

Venus discreetly led the fine crescent Moon

In a gentle arc falling beyond the Jura

Whose dark curtain rose from behind Geneva

As they talked

Of today and now

And what was done

And how different futures

Lay ahead

For them

Like two characters from a 1950s film

Constrained by unseen chains

The lock to which they couldn’t find

Although between them both

They held the key


CLP 01/02/2020


n.b. Realignment:

“The act of changing

Or restoring something

To a different

Or original


Or state”

Oxford English Dictionary

So basically moving something to somewhere else or putting it back where it was before.

CLP 01/02/2020