January Road Trip (XXXIII)

Sun climbs hill, blesses

Cathedral, castle, city

Pink cherry blossom


n.b. Lincoln: this ancient city is built on an escarpment edge above the River Witham, (which it now envelopes). To the north the land falls steadily toward the Humber Estuary; to the east the land gradually flattens toward the German Sea beyond Boston and its Stump.

If you ever decide to visit this fascinating historic city, the Allotment House Bed & Breakfast is highly recommended; great bed and an excellent breakfast. It has a much-loved garden that enjoys the morning light.


CLP 31/01/2020

January Road Trip (XXVI)

Dress of Wedding White

Delectable curves fill cloth

Sun casts confetti


n.b. I witnessed stunning views whilst travelling through the Southern Uplands this morning.

The white hills, dark clouds with Sun breaking through dropping more snow in curtains. A delicate show of light and shade was daubed onto the rounded terrain of south-west Scotland.

I have never seen such a magical snowscape; it was worth every mile driven on this excursion just to experience this today.


CLP 28/01/2020