Day 33

At times words are inadequate. Common enough moments for humanity, such as a woman giving birth, are in the living of the moment, beyond words.

Today, before first light, my sister’s first grandchild was born. The day has been “very emotional.” My sister says before climbing the stairs to an early bed. 

Many people know of this birth after all the extending web of phone calls, text messages, video messages emanating from the maternity ward. This tiny girl, lying in a cot somewhere distant, is the well-spring of great happiness.

Her mother and father have yet to settle on a name, so at present she is known as “Little Baby Dot”. This follows on from her previous name, “Little Dot”.

Little Baby Dot shares your birthday. This adds to my happiness, if that is possible.

Mowing the lawn, lying with shirt-off on a garden bench, reading, walking to the beach in late- afternoon in my sister’s company, are all done with a lighter heart. For this I am grateful.


Christopher Perry

19th April, 2020

Over and Out

Through the walls

At just after Three in the morning

I hear my sister’s voice

Pitched high

Excited by recent events

“Oh!! Thank you for calling.”

Crying, sobs

“Has she a name?”


I hear the owls singing in celebration on the heath

A moth with two left feet tap dances joyously around my bedside lampshade.


n.b. Of course IT’s over, SHE has begun.

No name yet. 8 lbs exactly (3.269 kg).


Christopher Perry

19th April, 2020

On la mode de nos jours

Narcissistic days

Isolation rooms for hearts

Where did the “Love” go?


n.b. Open your heart to Love; look out, not in. If you love someone and they love you, there will be room for you both to blossom.

Love is not a steel trap closing, but a gradual opening of windows where air and light pours in.

CLP 14/02/2020