Football, a game for individuals with different talents who enjoy working together to achieve collective success.


On responding to her direct enquiry

Honestly, presuming her sincere interest

In what was a matter of the Soul

Not just the Heart

My very Existence

Her follow up shook me

“Unlucky” she said

As if this had been a card game

Or a football match



CLP 03/01/2020


Where does reality lie?

Conscious imaginings set the pulse racing

A word, phrase

Silence, a pause

Unsettle the soul

Then comes the unbearable night

In once shared places

Spaces and darkness fill

With half-formed images

Spectres haunt the heart

I wake mouthing words

That make no sense


n.b. Fictional composition.

CLP 03/01/2020

Nothing Matters (VII)

Icebergs calve and drift

Separation born with a crack!

Dissolves gently


n.b. We are free to make choices as adults. The child within cries out in pain. “Nothing in writing” I hear, as if a piece of paper is worth anything.


CLP 18/12/2019


Throw back your head

Release that choking





Let it rip the last leaves from poplars

Slap around the lake

Cut through the Arctic wind

Smack into the mountains

Crack countless shards from glaciers

Tear open the glowering sky

And let sunshine in


CLP 08/12/2019