Cranes Fly

It was a call like crows

But not those of crows

Even on their most talkative days

When whisked up by winds

When they chitter and churr

It was more musical than crows

Deeper tones balanced by middle notes

From behind the hedgerows

Beyond the browned ancient oaks

Low to the grey horizon

A stretched vee

Approximately formed

Unbalanced, but sharply led

Three, five, seven, nine in clear formation

With forty, fifty, sixty more

Lagging loosely in lines

Heading south

Warning of winter’s coming

Or dragging down

Its icy curtain?


CLP 01/12/2019

Le froid de le diable

Yes, we wore gloves

Thick socks, our hats, several layers

The Sun shone on our faces

As we stepped out

Side by side

Walking to a vigorous beat

All to no avail

There was no warmth

Your heart was set firm

Trapped in the pack ice

That formed when Hell froze over.


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 10 prompt draw on a saying associated with the weather. The title is a French saying indicating extreme cold…possibly as cold as a closed heart, but certainly the devil’s cold.

CLP 10/04/2019