Woden’s Day

From so long ago

Our days named by immigrants

An island mash-up


n.b. Now, after Brexit, the bigots and racists in England find new voice. People with South-East Asian features are being abused in our streets because the Covid-19 coronavirus has developed in China. Our esteemed Prime Minister has employed an advisor who believes black citizens of the USA have low IQs. The Home Office orders a man aged 101 years to get his parents to vouch for his identity and explain why he is living here and not Italy.

All this in a land that sits on the edge of Europe that has been in the possession of wealthy landowners since the Norman barons took control in 1066 CE. The rest of the people have come from everywhere, but the projected image of white toffs as the definition of Englishness persists. If you want proof, see how some families with large tracts of land try to boast of having familial links to the Norman invaders.

So Woden’s Day, or Wednesday as we call it presently, is just a reminder that the British Isles are populated by immigrants and we are better off for it. Evidence of our polyglot origins surrounds us if we just take a look and think a little.

I believe tomorrow is Thor’s Day.

CLP 19/02/2020

On the Weekend (VI)

Determined to stay

Exploring Portsea Island

Unearthing treasures


n.b. Portsmouth is Great Britain’s only island city, the second most densely populated urban environment after London. Perhaps it should be twinned with Manhattan?

A brand called Strong Island is developing here. Pompey folk are proud of their home city and are happy to wear the label, despite the island having significant social problems associated with its high density population.

This weekend of treading the streets, stopping here and there to ask questions and to take time wandering, has already led me to establish a sizeable list of places to visit and things to do.

It’s alright here.

CLP 08/02/2020


Ask the Universe

Let coincidence and luck

Blow you like litter


n.b. It is always nice to go with the flow, but autonomy, purpose and a say in developments are important elements in maintaining good health.


Although we come from clay, we are not formed so for others to mould us.


CLP 04/01/2020