Day 11 – After Noon

Briefly outside, but I’m driven back by the falling temperature. The grey sky gave way to blue eventually, but there was no warmth in the sunbeams.

There seems little enthusiasm today in the birds’ calls. The greenfinches are the only ones heard throughout the day, but even they lack energy.

A picture is sent by my son of his two children leaning over the top rail of a fence by a bluebell wood stream. They missed the kingfisher’s fly by, but watching a gurgling stream is magic enough.

During the afternoon and evening messages flow gently across the English Channel. It’s been an enjoyable day.

Quiet descends. Cold and dark thicken beyond the curtains.

CLP 28/03/2020

On the Millstream


Flicker reflected

Electric blue blur flashes

Seen or imagined?


n.b. The iridescent colours of the kingfisher are so vivid that the mind struggles to register whether it has actually been seen. So bright the blue, so fast the flight of this agile bird against the greens of the river and bank sides, its fleeting appearance draws a gasp of astonishment and then a questioning of the senses. Thankfully the call of this bird is distinctive and therefore ears and eyes can combine to reassure the witness that it was indeed a kingfisher that zipped by.


CLP 17/09/2019