On the Continent

Without adequate

Language to discuss ideas

Mere observer


n.b. A first step in learning is observation. A higher level learning develops through considered argument and then further enquiry based on questions that arise.

Being abroad with just an English tongue is embarrassing; with a proven liar as Her Majesty’s Prime Minister, doubly so.


CLP 07/10/2019

On The Front Foot


Eyes level, focus

Backlift, then swing through the line

Lead with head, not foot


n.b. If a batsman always leads with the front foot there is the serious risk of being yorked by the bowler adjusting the length of a delivery to pitch the ball underneath the bottom of the bat. What a good batter does is watch each ball’s line and length and play each delivery on its merits, whilst taking into account the match situation.

n.n.b. Alexander “Boris” Johnson, currently Her Majesty’s Prime Minister and Minister for The Union, prattles on about being on the front foot all the time. He purports this to mean he is being positive and setting the tone. Superbia et ante ruinum exaltatur, as they said in Rome, before it fell.


CLP 27/07/2019