Between The Lines

No Man’s Land

Deep, rutted, shell-shocked

A bloody mess

No longer worth fighting for

But it has to be crossed



n.b. Could be about Brexit, could be about any relationship at a tricky time. As Hemingway wrote, “The Sun Also Rises”

We live in hope of a better tomorrow. Remember to use your vote with love.

CLP 12/12/2019

On the Sea


Nitid ammonite

Waits stone-firm on long dry land

Warm sea will reclaim


n.b. Have you ever wondered where all the fossilised sea-dwelling creatures and the chalk hills came from?

Geological shifts, upheavals and changes in sea-levels over eons have left a fossil record for mankind to ponder.

Have you ever wondered about rising sea-levels and how far inland they may reach?

Are these fossils, like the myth of King Arthur, waiting for the moment when the Earth is in crisis to revive?

n.n.b. There is an on-going debate in my small world about the use of archaic language by poets that may alienate readers. I like to keep things clear, but see little harm in dropping in a new “old” word every now and then. My view is that one of the benefits of the Wibbly Wobbly Web is that you can look up stuff. However, I totally agree that it is a pain to do this every other word.

CLP 13/10/2019

On the Continent

Without adequate

Language to discuss ideas

Mere observer


n.b. A first step in learning is observation. A higher level learning develops through considered argument and then further enquiry based on questions that arise.

Being abroad with just an English tongue is embarrassing; with a proven liar as Her Majesty’s Prime Minister, doubly so.


CLP 07/10/2019