January Road Trip (XXVI)

Dress of Wedding White

Delectable curves fill cloth

Sun casts confetti


n.b. I witnessed stunning views whilst travelling through the Southern Uplands this morning.

The white hills, dark clouds with Sun breaking through dropping more snow in curtains. A delicate show of light and shade was daubed onto the rounded terrain of south-west Scotland.

I have never seen such a magical snowscape; it was worth every mile driven on this excursion just to experience this today.


CLP 28/01/2020


Her smile is wider than her head

A photo shows this when she was ten

Her brilliant eyes then shone so bright

Her teeth gleaming in black and white

And still after many colourful years

When distant childhood memories may bring on tears

She has that smile as wide today

What might spark it I cannot say

But it reveals like an evening primrose bloom

A late afternoon sunburst that fills the room.


CLP 19/11/2019

On August VII

Late the Moon claims night

Planets trace her way through stars

Grass cut by stark shadows


n.b. I excuse my additional syllable in this attempt to capture the vision of last night’s lunar brightness and the sharpest, darkest shadows thrown onto the silvered late summer grasses in the meadow. A remarkable, naturally well-lit night.


CLP 19/08/2019

And Finally


I saw the light go

It was hard to see

Precisely when, but it had gone

You had let go



It was time to act

To clamp the neck

Release the spirit

Snuff the sputtering candle



The news travelled fast

Like the pain, like wildfire

Immolating hope

But he’s not yet dead

Final flickers turn slowly to glowing embers

But not today

Hands remain warm

His smile still bringing smiles

Sleep comes and goes

Until he wakes not

But not today



At Gosport War Memorial Hospital

No one is allowed to forget

As the police are called again

To investigate lives shortened

Drugs administered without medical justification

Grieving relatives swear

To not stop fighting for justice

War has broken out at the Memorial Hospital



We got interrupted because a girl had died

Cease all contact with the family

We were told, make sure everyone knows

No contact with the family

The message was repeated and shared

Someone sent condolences on behalf of us all

Ignoring the clear instruction

To have no contact with family of the girl who died.


Two days later we were told

She hadn’t.


CLP  03/05/2019


Everywhere you’ve been

Everything you’ve done

I have been there with you

I have seen it all

Despite my blind spot

No doubt stemming

From my nervous disposition

That allows me to see

But not believe, nor deny

All that I have seen


It’s not for me to judge

Where you’ve been

What you’ve done

My transparency

Inability to intervene

Makes me silent witness

To the images

Flashing on my retina

Although I react quickly

To the dark and light

A pupil that never learns

I remain insensitive

To everywhere you have been

And all that you’ve done.


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 17 prompt: Seeing from an unusual, unexpected point of view.

A useful reference point for this poem was www.moorfields.nhs.uk

CLP 20/04/2019