On la mode de nos jours

Narcissistic days

Isolation rooms for hearts

Where did the “Love” go?


n.b. Open your heart to Love; look out, not in. If you love someone and they love you, there will be room for you both to blossom.

Love is not a steel trap closing, but a gradual opening of windows where air and light pours in.

CLP 14/02/2020


The last of the day’s brief Sun

Turned the far peaks pink

The lake, already deep blue in night’s shadow,

Trembled at the touch of the easterly breeze,

Flicked flecks of light from the opposite shore

As they walked

Venus discreetly led the fine crescent Moon

In a gentle arc falling beyond the Jura

Whose dark curtain rose from behind Geneva

As they talked

Of today and now

And what was done

And how different futures

Lay ahead

For them

Like two characters from a 1950s film

Constrained by unseen chains

The lock to which they couldn’t find

Although between them both

They held the key


CLP 01/02/2020


n.b. Realignment:

“The act of changing

Or restoring something

To a different

Or original


Or state”

Oxford English Dictionary

So basically moving something to somewhere else or putting it back where it was before.

CLP 01/02/2020

Plot Lines

Her and Him

Him and Her


A story that drew them

Across the sea

Through mountain passes

By the lake

Through the vines

Along the beach

Coast to coast

In sunsets, at sunrises

On trains. ferries, planes

Bikes, cars, on foot

To cafés, restaurants, hotels

Bookshops and op shops

To farms and gardens

Caravans, tipi, yurt

As shepherds, cowhands, gardeners

Vintners, juicers

Painters, carpenters

Chicken farmers

They worked

Then Earth tilted toward Winter

Its axis wobbled

Threw them out

Unravelled the thread

Her and Him

Him and Her

Started writing

Different stories

Without firm conclusions


CLP 15/01/2020

On Darts

Aiming for the Bull?

Striving for the Double Top?

Double One is okay


n.b. Most games of darts played by mere mortals finish with a prolonged round of shots at the Double One bed, all other opportunities to win having been missed.


So from this I conclude it is a good idea to practise Double One. There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. As in darts, in Life?


CLP 12/01/2020