On the Weekend (XII)

And that’s it over

Moon climbs majestically

Announces “Bedtime”


n.b. The storm clouds blown away leave the sky for a full Moon, too bright to photograph. I apologise for the poor quality of the picture.

I only went out for the Sports Mail today. I must get out tomorrow.


CLP 09/02/2020

Moon Slip

Wearing little but a smile

She slides off stage early this evening

Generously leaving us

The uncountable cosmic array

With all the stars of the distant past

And contemporary bright young things

But this hurried exit is not what it seems

The night threatens crystal clear cold

And she doesn’t like bitter

So she pursues Mercury and Venus

Who promise to show her a good time

Whilst we wrap up in the deep blue

Observing the space she has deserted


CLP 29/11/2019