Fever Ship

Voyage of a lifetime

Three and a half thousand folk



n.b. Not your normal newsworthy cruise with an outbreak of norovirus, but now a rogue coronavirus on board, roaming between decks, seeking out the weakest.

My thoughts keep returning to these unfortunate passengers, confined to their cabins, isolated on the ship, but I also think about the workers on board serving them.

The British media seems only to consider the elderly fee-paying passengers, with the crew as bit players in the story. In India and the USA this nightmare story is more roundly reported.

CLP 13/02/2020

Nothing Matters (III)

Luggage belt empties

Baggage has been left behind

Now travel lightly


n.b. Would it not be lovely to be so unencumbered? The weight off the shoulders when finally putting baggage down after travelling is a blessed relief. Life is our journey.


CLP 16/12/2019