Ta Luv

Thanks a fucking bunch!

Ha! There’s gratitude for you

Thankfulness ‘s’a gift


n.b. An interpretation of a recent psychological study suggests that brain imaging shows that those who are generous and giving, who maintain a grateful mindset, are more optimistic than those who do not and that this attitude is highlighted by particular neural activity. It is a mindset that can be developed and sustained; it is not necessary to wallow in misery.

Keeping a gratitude journal is offered as one way to develop this mindset. Other methods include, going regularly to mass, turning to prayers five times daily, or being ever-thankful for what you’ve got; family, friends, health, breath in your lungs, sunrise, sunset, birds’ song, Winter frosts, Spring flowers, Portsmouth FC, whatever.

Let Eric & Ernie sing this post out, (but I don’t endorse their reference to “drinking”).

CLP 18/02/2020

Beach Day

Somebody said “It’s going to be sunny!”

We went to bed excited at the prospect

Each swimming in expectations whisked up with childhood memories

By morning, (time off already booked at the last minute) we drew back the curtains to steel grey sheets of cloud

To a steady pitter patter on a tin roof

To the cast iron bite of a northerly wind

“Highest temperatures today could touch eight degrees centigrade” said the radio station news anchor

We made our sandwiches, packed the car and set off to the seaside

To join the gulls and cormorants squinting through drizzle


n.b. British Public Holiday weekend

n.n.b. It turned out to be a beautiful day

CLP 04/05/2019