On Nightlife

Echoes of drunken youth

Fill the sleepy city air

Alarmed birds sing out


Songs from blackbirds

Awake under amber lights

Hope of dawn found false.


Weary sleep disturbed

Workers wrestle with nightmares

Birdsong wakes dreamers


Time mocks tired eyes

Becomes a slippery snake

When will peace arrive?


Lovers enrapt lie

Barely napping under sheets

Night too short for lust


Beneath card cover

Alcohol dead street dweller

Charity absent


Hospital machines

Bleep and pulse in heated wards

Nurses defy death


Fox trots around town

Snatches nuggets from waste bin

Chickens at last free


Range of noise and light

Challenge nocturnal rhythm

Man lost to nature


Cool autumn air shifts

Trees gently shake off last leaves

Serene moon floats past


CLP 24/11/2018

On Autumn VIII

Her tilt of axis

With orbital period

Gifts us the seasons.


CLP 12/11/2018

n.b Earth’s axial tilt wobbles but the mean is currently c. 23.5 degrees. The orbital period around the Sun is our Earth year. It is described as a sidereal orbit because the Earth’s circuit of the Sun is on an orbital plane that is relatively settled during the brevity of human lifespans. Source: https://www.universetoday.com/47176/earths-axis/