January Road Trip (XXVI)

Dress of Wedding White

Delectable curves fill cloth

Sun casts confetti


n.b. I witnessed stunning views whilst travelling through the Southern Uplands this morning.

The white hills, dark clouds with Sun breaking through dropping more snow in curtains. A delicate show of light and shade was daubed onto the rounded terrain of south-west Scotland.

I have never seen such a magical snowscape; it was worth every mile driven on this excursion just to experience this today.


CLP 28/01/2020

January Road Trip (I)

South Coast to East Coast

Over Downs, through Chilterns, Fens

Sky grey, grey, greyer


n.b. One of those days when dawn hardly happens and dusk is always present. A day when you want to switch the lights on, but realise you’re outside. A day when you come to understand that there are probably more than fifty shades of the colour that sits between black and white; none of them particularly inspiring. A day when the sound of geese rising off the salt marshes is more colourful to the ear than anything your eyes have seen since you woke up.

Nevertheless a pleasant journey in excellent company and a decent lunch stop in Rickmansworth, Café Deli 122.


CLP 22/01/2020

Sky Pink

From along the ridge

I saw through Swell Wood’s winter skeleton

To the sun-bathed Levels

Their rain-full grips and rhynes

Fields; mirrors to the sky

That held the pink tinge

Of chilled noses

Numb fingers

Of frost-smoke breath

Of the cold that will fall

From behind the stars tonight


n.b. Grip: cut in the Levels to ease water run off. Rhyne: water channel cut along field edges to provide a way to hold drinking water for livestock and to mark boundaries in lieu of hedgerows.

CLP 19/01/2020