May Day, Bognor Regis


petals wild blown

accumulate in drifts

fill gutters,

kerbs billow into puffed up pillows.


Bared bottom leaves tilt up

and wiggle, pale undersides

frolic nude.


Baited by sunlight,

naked limbs are dared

to risk exposure

so piercing beams,

when whisked up

with sea-cooled gusts,

buff white skin



CLP  01/05/2018




You say you saw a seagull skimming through your dream?

I fear this is not possible, things are not quite as they seem.

There is not a thing as seagull, whatever others say

Seagulls are not the birds you see flying sweetly ‘cross the bay.

Take another look my friend and open up your mind

These birds are beautiful and varied, just like humankind.

Colours, size and patterns diverge to vast degree

They are more than simply seagulls, get closer and you’ll see

Wing markings, legs and beaks are all truely quite distinct

All individual characters, who stop to watch and think

Bonaparte, Black-headed, Herring, Yellow-legged and Common too

Glaucous, Iceland, even Laughing Gulls make fools of me and you

They, with many cousins, are not alike at all

Please do not just name them seagulls,  but listen to each call.

So next time you see seabirds whilst deep amidst your slumbers

Remember gulls,  like humans, are so much more than simply numbers.

In dreams they may be viscious, pecking out your eyes

In truth they are more complex, carrying lost sailors’ souls within their cries.



CLP 14/04/18 prompt for Day 14, dream interpretation…”seagull.”

Giardino Maria Luisa Fagnocchi Rava


A fatica

Mi distacco da te

e nel pensiero

dell’ultima ora

ti porteró nel cuore

(M L Fagnocchi, Ravenna, fulgida d’oro)

– – – – – – – – – – – –

And finally

Amidst accumulated

Alpine snows

At the last hour

You open your heart to Love.

CLP 05/04/2018


In response to a rather challenging challenge, i.e. photo, poem in a tongue foreign to the writer, interpreted in native tongue to the rhythm of the original.