On Centre Stage

another’s drama

is never so exciting

as those scripted yourself


CLP 04/07/2021

Mindset #1

Choose from we or I

part of problem or answer

you that, me this, us


CLP 22/06/2021


on the water show us

this is where something has drowned

pretty as they are


CLP 03/07/2021

On Endings ii

scratched record scratched wreck

cord around the neck now is

time to nail the lid


CLP 05/07/2021

On Conversation

butterfly less wing

endless circularity

fatal conclusion


CLP 03/07/2021

On Endings

my words fail (again)

wish your kiss had sealed these lips

leaving me struck dumb


CLP 03/07/2021

On the other side

over many bridges

is grass that’s always greener

who would not go there?


CLP 02/07/2021

On the Edge

solid, liquid, gas

permanence ethereal

shifting between states


CLP 01/07/2021

Under the Sun

chittering swallows

whirring crickets, silent moths

seeking pastures old


CLP 30/06/2021


This heart beat repeats

unchanging, steady, rhythm

constant companion


CLP 30/06/2021