Three roads, one railway

Cross Hilsea Lines to Hampshire

But we’re happy here


n.b. The connections from Portsmouth to the mainland are limited. For those travelling by car the road connections can be a source of frustration; for the residents a source of pollution. Standing traffic is commonplace on these often congested links.

All the train services to Portsmouth must cross the bridge in the photograph. Portsmouth is well-served by rail due to its history as the home of the Royal Navy, (a legacy of Henry VIII).

The proximity to seawater creates an interesting rust colour-base for the rail crossing.

I discovered a few footbridges on a recent walk around the north edge of Portsea Island, but I stayed on board, not having my passport to hand.

It will not be difficult to isolate this city if the Government contingency plans for a possible Covid-19 epidemic are implemented, but I cannot see how it would work for London, for example.

CLP 02/03/2020

In Southampton Row

Pompey alleyway

Navy docks to Old Portsmouth

Rings to goldfinch song


n.b. Even in this so densely populated English city birds’ songs resonate. The twittering of the goldfinches are a welcome distraction from the cries of cynical gulls and the occasional passing ambulance siren.


CLP 01/03/2020


In 1787 eleven ships

Set sail from Spithead

To New South Wales

On board people

Sentenced to Penal Servitude

For their crimes

” – the birth of modern Australia”

It’s only half the story


In 1987 was there a pause, your Majesty

To consider the impending fate

Of those indigenous people

Who did not understand

What was happening

When eleven ships arrived

In New South Wales

From Spithead?


CLP 10/02/2020

On the Weekend (VIII)

What drama awaits?

Crash! Pause. Bang! Fence creaks. Snap!

Scutter of debris


n.b. ‘Scutter’ may be a new word to you – it is to me. It is the sound of something hard and heavy being dragged in irregular bursts along a city street by a powerful draught, gust or gale.

As the day breaks temperature changes in the atmosphere brought with sunrise add complexity to the storm. This is one confused, angry storm.

CLP 09/02/2020