January Road Trip (XX)

08:00h Sunday Morning

Football day at last!

Weather is what is on now

Heavy rain, cold wind


n.b. January? Road trip?? Scotland??? Ye crazy bastards!

The game kicks off at 12:30h. It’s on TV. We’re going to the match. Life is out there.


CLP 26/01/2020

Witches’ Butter

Soapy golden nugget

Magicked up during recent rain

Fallen from the wounded oak

Lying in the lane

Wondrous shiny gift

Is anybody watching?

Dare I pick it up?

Take it to the kitchen

Slice it into soup?


n.b. Tremella Mesenterica is edible. A fungus that feeds on other fungi that are working on dying limbs of deciduous trees. It takes on its burnished, rubbery appearance when it swells in periods of regular rain. Yes, widely found in The British Isles.

This fungi has a range of medicinal properties attributed to it. Modern technological wizardry means you can buy it online and have it delivered in a jar to your home without the bother of seeking it out on injured trees, or the joy of discovering it for yourself when out walking.

This post is not intended to be an endorsement of any particular brand of witches’ butter from any specific coven.

When picking up fungi found on a walk do check carefully that you know what it is before handling, or indeed eating it. If you get it wrong it may take more than witchcraft to revive you – if revival is at all possible.


CLP 11/12/2019

Lyon (V)

Out to the east

Where there is space

Derelict factories rust

A stadium has been built

Tram lines laid

Office blocks stand

Apartments planned

Colour blind posters

Promote hygienic living

At the concrete shopping arcade


Gather out of the pissing rain

Under the awning

Listening to music

In the company of old drunks

The unformed and the broken

The over-looked brought together

By the vagaries of weather


CLP 25/11/2019

On Tories

As gulls who paddle

Their feet on the earth like rain

Calling the worms up


n.b. Is this the last General Election of the country currently known as The United Kingdom? The three kingdoms of England (& Wales), Scotland and (Northern) Ireland united under an Act of Parliament on the appointment of James VI of Scotland to the English throne is coming apart at the seams.

The Tories, supposedly the Conservative & Unionist Party are tearing the country to pieces, but still they promise the earth to the gullible when they only deliver division and despair. “Britain deserves better” they cry…”than another Tory government!” the reply. Even in this slogan they have dropped any reference to Northern Ireland. “Avoid a Hung Parliament” they urge. Is this tongue in throat gallows humour? Don’t put ideas into peoples’ heads I advise.


n.n.b. The first monarch (James I) of the United Kingdom also had the title of King of France. This was a hang-over from earlier centuries when the descendants of Normandy ruled England after the invasion of 1066 CE. Which just shows that the aristocracy’s tendency to be out of touch (e.g. Rees-Mogg) is nothing new.

CLP 10/11/2019