Butterfly (III)

Scarce Swallowtail, France 2017


From fruit to flower

As if by random chance

Following the sweetest scent

Unsettled by slightest tremor

Fluttering to fresh space

Sets down, silent, still

Absorbing heat of Sun

Full expanse of detail, colour, beauty

Revealed in staccato stretches

Then open display

She flew after

Gently removing

Each of my wings*

And leaving me

Learning to walk again


n.b. Wings intact, just removed for safe-keeping.

CLP 05/01/2020

Russian Doll

It takes time

To find out

What is




Do not

Be surprised

If what is revealed

Is not quite as imagined


n.b. I believe that the above could be described as an aphorism, i.e, a concise piece of writing that communicates a general truth, or belief. Aphorisms are poetic, i.e. not developed with any scientific evidence. Take them or leave them with a wry smile, or a rueful shake of the head and move on.

Thank you for reading.

CLP 25/12/2019

Between The Lines

No Man’s Land

Deep, rutted, shell-shocked

A bloody mess

No longer worth fighting for

But it has to be crossed



n.b. Could be about Brexit, could be about any relationship at a tricky time. As Hemingway wrote, “The Sun Also Rises”

We live in hope of a better tomorrow. Remember to use your vote with love.

CLP 12/12/2019