On 1st March

Vivid yellows wave

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Except for druids


n.b. “Happy St. David’s Day” indeed.

The druids were outlawed by Emperor Claudius in 54AD and in 60AD the Governor Suetonius began a campaign to wipe them from the face of Britannia. Although not entirely successful, his campaign severely reduced survivors of Druidic religion, with its human sacrificial practises, to the wilder parts of north-west Wales. Druids had previously moved freely and mysteriously through Celtic Britain until 43AD when the Roman Empire took military control of the islands.

Modern druids are now considered to be more musical, poetic, herbal folklorists than the religious zealots who roamed at will in ancient times.

CLP 01/3/2020

January Road Trip (XVII)

Jesus Christ save us

Salvador Dali got God

Produced work of art


n.b. After discussion with the Pope in the early 1950s, Dali painted this amazing picture. He read about nuclear physics, which he believed to be proof of the Christian God’s existence and set to work.

This masterpiece (“Christ of St John of The Cross”) hangs in Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow. An amazing piece of work inspired by the Roman Catholic faith. Why and how it is hung there I do not know.

Glasgow is a city riven through with religious diversity, not just variations of Christian creeds, but Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and others. Glasgow, once a major sea port, is home to a rich mix of people, their talents and cultures.

Essentially as a Christian city I believe Glasgow will eventually come to epitomise the principle of “Love thy neighbour” rather than be charactured by the fake-hate of Rangers vs Celtic (Protestant vs Catholic) football matches.

Love will find a way.


CLP 24/01/2020

On the Air

Central-heated house

Warm, dry atmosphere holds still

Outside birdsongs call


n.b. We make efforts to remove ourselves from the outside world at great expense. The Old Testament idea that humanity is closer to a god than an animal, above all creatures, separate and superior to other living beings, has been proven an illusion.

Like the wealth of billionaires who live in gated homes built on the backs of workers who struggle to make ends meet, mankind has constructed a tinderbox environment by smothering the very earth we sprang from; crushing the life out of nature.


CLP 10/11/2019