Phases on Stunned


Slats, slits of shutters let slips of Moon’s full brilliant spotlight spill through

To cast coal black shadow lines, stripes on silvered skin stretched out bare on bed

Covers pushed aside, crumpled, piled and twisted by heated tangled limbs

Wait to be trawled back when cooled middle night air has wrapped stilled forms in their place and triggered chills

When shivers involuntarily replace shivers that had been lovingly, gently, patiently sought

Sheets hauled back on board to shelter two spirits enrapt, embraced, mixed and melded

Now lain confused as to origin and definition. Is this two or one? Two halves, one whole?

The Moon, full of face, looks on.


CLP  03/06/2018


Concluding Argument


There was only uncertainty and anxiety

I looked into your eyes

You held my gaze


Defiant, challenging, unmoved

I probably looked the same to you


I knew then that you and I had missed our connection


”There is no relationship.” you said.


I left, closing the front door gently as I could

Trying to avoid a dramatic riposte that might dilute your succinct conclusion


Finally you have had The Last Word.

You are welcome to it.


CLP  28/05/2018


9cdc6d10-1ac3-46e1-b3d8-718e0b4db38d.jpegOn a ponderous progress

plotted by gravity

the inexorable procession leaves

scrapes and scars deep cut

into mountains who cannot grip

the restless body that

reshapes and reforms all

she passes.


A weathered boulder

torn from the valley wall

immersed in the corporeal flow

is carried over foreign fields

its rough edges crumble

to be left as moraine

marking the course

of an ageless dance

ice and rock locked together

both washed smooth

in melt water streams


from their first meeting.


CLP  12/05/2018