Nothing Matters (VI)

Bubbling along

Without a care in the world

Ignorance is bliss

n.b. Street homeless, racism, violent crime, poverty, the 1%, addictions, outbreaks of disease, falling life expectancy, war, climate breakdown. “Nothing I can do about it” I hear. Is this true? I wonder.


CLP 18/12/2019

Pied Pauper

Let’s go

My little companions

I cannot sleep

Follow me

To the bakery


Where we’ll be warm


You can eat



I will wake

To the smell

Of bread


n.b. I may be between homes, but I have choices. As we move to winter there are far too many people of all ages living rough on the streets of our towns and cities; in the richest countries in the world. The “free” market ideologists perpetuate inequality so that there are “winners” and “losers.” The idea of the free market as a way to fairly distribute and sustain the world’s resources has never been more than a way for the rich to get richer – even Adam Smith recognised this.


CLP 28/11/2019