Is there any tree holier

Than a blooming magnolia?

A Lily tree

The Jade Lily


n.b. Named Magnolia after a French botanist, Pierre Magnol, although the Chinese call it the Pinyin and had done so for generations before those including it within the plant classification system labelled it after one of Montpellier’s finest; a man who studied and promoted the study of botany enthusiastically in the late C17th / C18th.

CLP 26/02/2020

Underneath the Mistletoe

A fruit falls

Dull white ball

Rolls and settles

Into a crevice

Turns to seed

Slides out its roots

Within the branch

Beneath the bark

Drinks from inside

Sucks in the nutrients


While the host

Curls up slowly

Unable to cast off

The fatal grip


CLP 08/12/2019