Doing the Rounds

Bognor, Chichester, Portsmouth and Southsea

Men and women, your local posties

In all weathers tramping the streets

Sensible shoes on hard-working feet

Besides a red top without which they’d never be caught

It’s de rigueur for them to wear shorts


n.b. It’s part of the way the posties on the South Coast seem to dress for work.

Postal delivery staff are a group of public service workers that have really been put through the mill by the demands of privatisation. They deserve our respect and thanks for their part in the fabric of our society.

They visit every front door in the country. They know stuff.


CLP 15/02/2020

On the Weekend (VII)

Random tin-can spins

Dances in crazy circuits

Wild Saturday night


n.b. A tin has been rattling from kerb to brick wall to lamp-post through much of the night. Storm Ciara arrived on schedule and is gusting through the terraced streets creating whorls and eddies of air that tear at fences and buffet trees and whisk this can in merry circuits; Saturday night fever indeed! I am not going out in pyjamas to break up the dance party.

CLP 09/02/2020