At Manningtree

On the train

To the big city

It always stops at Manningtree


One of these days

I must stop off

To spend time taking a little look-see


I’d like to stroll along the ancient quay

Sat on the bank of Suffolk’s Stour



n.b. Possible the smallest town in England. It was the centre for the self-appointed Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins who, with his associates, had around 300 local women executed for “witchcraft”* in the period 1644-46. Some were slaughtered after he “heard them talking to The Devil.” He was in his 20s when he turned his hand to this evil trade; dead at the age of 28.

*Witchcraft: The behaviour of women that does not conform to male expectations of feminine behaviour; knowledge or understanding of matters beyond masculine experience and interpretation. Not necessarily a bad thing, but how would I know?

Perhaps I won’t stop by after all – although the mudflats look great for bird watching.

CLP 12/02/2020

On The Tow Path

Wonder what happened?

Woman super-hero down!

Help her! Help? Help who?


n.b. I saw this plastic doll’s head trodden into the towpath on Sunday.

Was it there because a local girl ripped the head off the toy and screamed in frustration, “I don’t need to take my 21st Century rĂ´le models from some bloke drawing for DC Comics in 1941!”? I wonder.

(With respect to Joseph Heller, writer of Catch 22: “Help him! Help who? Help the bombardier. I am the bombardier. Then help him. Help the radio-gunner.”).

CLP 24/03/2019