On Autumn V

How bright dragonfly

Life sparkles in late summer

Passes too quickly


CLP 11/11/2018

On November

Sombre trees stand bare

Paths buried by scorned leaves

Lost travellers weep


CLP 10/11/2018

Knut den store

The beach runs wild tonight

Its shapes shift

Each pounding roller

Despatches showers of stones


Groynes creak and splinter

Beneath an onslaught

Of breakers, decapitated by wind

Who march blindly on


Not even kings can halt

Their charge


At a short distance

Through the half-open window

To the deceptive steady swish of shingle

Sleep prevails despite the turmoil.


N.B. Knut den store (Cnut / Canute the Great) once king of Denmark, Norway and England.

CLP 09/11/2018

On Shingle

Rushing stones swept

By surging storm driven surf

Spit and hiss at Man


CLP 09/11/2018

Nightmare II

Unbolted stable door

Frees untethered fears to run

Roughshod over dreams.


CLP  07/11/2018

On The Beach

Relentless waves

Assault makeshift defences

Wash away resolve.


CLP 07/11/2018

Nightmare I

She gallops through sleep

Creates turbulence of thought

Calm in her stable.


CLP 06/11/2018

Bus #8

We wait beneath sycamore

Whose bark peels open

Shallow wounds of artichoke green

Yellow leaves

Wearied by Summer’s insatiable heat

Await release from Autumn


We wait for Winter’s certainty

And a rattle from the overhead cables

That lead the bus home.


CLP 04/11/2018


Face, teeth and hair smart

Jump in car to seize the day

Unlease toxic fumes.


CLP 05/11/2018

The Life of Reilly (I)

I last saw him

Wandering through the wire

Khaki cap askew

Jacket smart with brass buttons

Polished last night

As commanded

Flashing flirty smiles

At the mouths of Mausers.

A vicious frost lay

Kindly on the mud.

From beneath his weary boots I heard

The crunch of ice

“Jack!” I called

He turned, waved, grinned.

I was the last he saw.

CLP  03/11/2018