On Lincoln

Bells hung high resound

Steps echo on Steep Hill stone

Hearts near fit to burst.

CLP 18/09/18

On Morning

Day breaks open hearts

Light falling on night’s victims

Dreams are lost to sleep.

CLP 17/09/2018

On Daybreak

First glints in grey sky

Unveil frosted roof and pane

Darkness concedes dawn

CLP 10/09/2018

On Autumn

Dry leaves falling

Silently on sunlit church

Tears cleanse the path home.

CLP 08/09/2018

Originally posted on: https://vitabrevisliterature.com/2018/09/07/open-comment-a-haiku-poetry-competition-submit-your-poem/

On Autumn II

Dry linden leaves fall

Silently on sunlit church

Tears cleanse the path home.


In memory of IGB (1949 – 2018)

CLP 08/09/2018

Also published in a slightly different version on https://vitabrevisliterature.com

Road to Nowhere

Just having a vote every few years in what is in effect an elected dictatorship does not constitute a democracy. The voices of the people are actually closed in behind a two party arrangement where those with power offer limited opportunities for people to take part in the running of the country.

In the following article written by George Monbiot you get a flavour of the modern UK and an understanding of how this country is actually managed.






When seeing such scenes

one finds there are

insufficient means

to describe all the greens.


CLP  23/05/2018

The Blackbird


She flew in, bobbed to an ungainly halt, tail fanned high for balance

Soft brown, her feathers held a sheen in the sun, she stood uneasily in the remains of collapsed narcissi and their straggling limp leaves

Watchful and ready to flee at the slightest wrong movement, settling took time

Assessing the safety of her surroundings, with eyes wide open, she bent forward and pecked in the soil of the weathered plastic tub seeking nourishment

Amidst what green survived she found sustenance to keep her strong until her young and she might move on.


CLP  20/05/2018