On The North Wind

Claws at the throat

Chills the lungs and very bones

Clutches at the heart.



On Winter

Impatient buds

Burst open out of season

Confusion reigns


CLP 26/12/2018

Boxing Day II

How quickly things shift

Within days memories fade

Was anything real?


CLP 25/12/2018

Boxing Day

This is the day when

The presents were exchanged

Now it’s just shopping.



On Christmas Day II

Festivities pause

Out walking in the sharp air

Feel the Sun’s blessing.


CLP 25/12/2018

On Christmas Day


Sun will rise, tide turn

Whatever man plans to do

Nature has plans too.


CLP 25/12/2018

Solstice III

Now the Sun moves not

The darkness is firmly held

We know summer comes

CLP  22:22 GMT 21/12/2018

Solstice II

Our route out complete

Slowly we turn toward home

Cold shadow retreats


CLP  21/12/2018



Shroud of Arctic night

Falls heaviest on this day

Sun catches her breath


CLP  21/12/2018


On Reflection II

Without visible

Paths out of the darkest forest

Listen for the stream


CLP  15/12/2018