On Winter

Naked grey beeches

Mourn loss of autumnal cover

Snow draws discreet veil


CLP 15/12/2018

On Reflection I

Ancient Jura mountains

Moulded by seismic forces

Respect our silence


CLP 15/12/2018

On Winter

Today ain’t the day

To cycle without gloves

Blue fingers protest


CLP 10/12/2018


Rises from beneath

Rushes to the stoney beach

Lands a steamy kiss


CLP 09/12/2018

On Water

Bubbles sweet from spring

Babbles between fresh primroses

Cuts deep through this rock


CLP 09/12/2018

On Winter II

Frost tightens its grip

Our path becomes uncertain

Ice in every word


CLP 09.12.2018

On Winter III


Tops of waves whisked off

Breakers carry feathered combs

Storm surges toward shore


CLP 09/12/2018

On Rochdale


Best-laid plans of mice

And men often go awry

Welcome to Rochdale.


CLP 02/11/2018

Adapted from Robert Burns’ To A Mouse


The busy vole busies herself

Scurries amongst leaf litter

Keeps herself clean

Feeds her young

Whilst far above

Handsomely dressed, preened

Strong, angular, sleek

Magnificent hunter

With oh so to die for eyes

Fire streaked

Focuses on the tidy movements

Identifies and assesses

The challenge

And waits

Hangs on the wind

In familiar territory

Happily being busy

The vole naīve

Despite her globular eyes

Will barely see until too late

That she has been

Targeted, circled, cornered.

Flight, fight or freeze?

Voiceless, useless, helpless


CLP 26/11/2018

n.b. Rapere is Latin meaning to take by force, to seize from which the words raptor and rapist derive

On Sleep


Eyes retreat from light

Muscles laid still lose tension

Calm of day’s slack tide.


CLP  26/11/2018