On Daffodils

November is not

When spring flowers should sprout

Earth adapts, we don’t


CLP 19/11/2018

Moon Shadow

East wind carries ice

Knifing through silvered streets

Silhouettes on paths


CLP 18/11/2018

The Metropolitan Police is working with all citizens to end incidents of knife crime:


On Autumn X


Cruelly despatched

Left at mercy of our feet

Dead leaves feed roots


CLP  17/11/2018


She extended a gentle hand

Beckoned me on

Draped in Spring

Her scanty sheets of green, white, gold

Rippled in the soft April air

Goat bells unseen behind drystone walls

Rang a tin din of flat notes against cleaved valley walls

Abuzz with hordes of roaming bees

Drunk on first brews of nectar

She reeled me in

Bent me to her will

Settled my pace

To match her inclination

Eyes lowered

In respect of her demands

I worked determinedly around

Her sinuous curves

Followed her tarmac vein up

With my wheels

Her high expectations

Added weight to my work

Butterflies in triplet

Immune to gravity

Mocked my heavy limbs with light-hearted dances

And drifted heavenward

Crickets churred from roadside shade

Their rhythmic chatter

A beat for my feet to spin on while my lungs burnt

Wet skin stuck sweat-stained shirt to my back

I climbed

Tyres splicking on the road’s tacky surface

I climbed

My links strained to their very limit

Her chain held strong.


CLP 11/11/2018

On Moonshine


Silver-plate rock floats

Over misty horizon

All deceived by light


CLP  16/11/2018

On Morning III

Light sneaks into bed

Brings birdsong and sounds of waves

Hope rises refreshed


CLP 15/11/2018

On Morning II

Heavy cloud blanket

Dark reluctantly rises

Sleep grips the chosen


CLP 15/11/2018

Romantic Fiction

No one could make this up

You sigh

But you just keep on

Making it up

On the hoof

Telling your lies

Ignoring the truth

Can you not see

The holes in the roof

Of your promised homeland



CLP 14/11/2018

On The Breeze


Gentle draught carries

Scent and echoes from afar

Sea air and childhood


CLP 14/11/2018

On Autumn IX

Sun’s arc slips southward

Heat spills from the Equator

Australia thirsts.


CLP 13/11/2018

n.b. Written from the northern hemisphere autumnal perspective.

The latest drought updates for Australia can be found here: