Treniltalia aprile


Bologna Centrale

Bologna S. Vitale

Peach tree pink blossom between rails and derelict wall

San Larrazo di Savena

Vietato attraversari i binari

Blossoms white, blossoms pink, blossoms brighter pink

Daisies in thousands

Mirandola…without stopping

Ozzano dell’Emilia

Castel S.Pietro Terme

Hanjin sky blue steel container on orchard edge

Straw-hatted man bent working with hoe hacking at weeds between fruit trees opening to spring sun

Cooperativa Ceramica D’Imola


Do Not Cross The Tracks

Hare bolt upright on haunches watching side to side

Castel Bolognese

Riolo Terme

Heron, hunched white, stern stare on the deep drain’s steep bank

So much blossom. Peach and nectarine in full flower as if neon lit


Lugo, Bagna Cavallo

Clipped vines wired for tendrils’ stretch, trained into rolling wooden waves

Passing Russi and waiting at Godo



CLP 05/05/2018