on irony

relief as dusk falls
own bed awaits traveller
dreams will transport him


CLP 22/02/2023

on time

I suppose I could have
made better use of my time
I tried my best, honest


n.b. 29c at midnight brings new challenges.

CLP 19/08/2022

On Absence ii


this longing for your presence



CLP 07/08/2021

On Cigarettes

he announced I have given up!

six weeks and it’s rare I feel the lack

I knew just what he meant

having given up on us

but he omitted

how raw that rare

how this rare is more like blue

there is still a pulse

when the knife goes in

I twitch


CLP 25/07/2021


Time and distance has stretched

Scent, touch, breath.

Our silent words

do not translate

so well to text.

I count days

since; until.


CLP 24/12/2020

On Pain xii*

Is my name Thomas?

I had to be there, feel it

The absence of Love


n.b. *Alternative title, ‘On Stupidity’.

CLP 04/09/2020