On Memory

There it was, so close

Reflection of something past

It’s known it was known


n.b. Whatever it was is not so important, but not being able to recall it creates a new reality; the understanding that time has been stretched so thin that gaps are appearing in its fabric. Like a fleece that has been stretched too far, holes are created that themselves will become forgotten when the yarn is spun.


CLP 06/06/2019


Vivid once full colour

Red lip-glossed smile

At ease, happy

Found with old receipts and ticket stubs

Curled, creased notes and dusty foreign pennies

In the drawer under an opaque hollow spider

Desiccated, folded, dead

Ricocheted memory

Carelessly shared

From someone else’s time

When I did not know you

not then

And that then

Unrecognisable to you now

A shot with enough velocity to wing me

Shrapnel still hot

Enough to burn you

Not a flesh wound

Something deeper

Demanding convalescence.


CLP  31/10/2018