on time

season of quiet
gathering of leaves reflect
trees' slow-reveal


n.b. How welcome the cool underneath the weeping willow in Brooklyn, unconditioned night air.

CLP 12/09/2022

on flight

starlings stir up dusk
sky's grey palette liquified
fish out of water


n.b. A photograph cannot capture the wonder of starlings numbering hundreds or thousands flying in a free-wheeling flock, a mumuration. Yesterday, late afternoon, Great Yarmouth; the magic of flight, the joy of collective effort, the beauty of life.


CLP 09/01/2022

On Water XLV

rising steadily

(chest reflexes to expand)

swaps places with air


CLP 22/05/2021

On Water xxxiii

humidity change

softens the blackbird’s sharp song

permeates morning


CLP 10/05/2021

On Opening (i)

There is not any

Light on soft summer morning

Nor breath in this air


CLP 06/07/2020

In the Air

Heat rises, expands

Cools, condenses, falls, warms, climbs

Something has to give


n.b. To find out about the weather phenomenon we call thunderstorms, have a look at this short video (59 seconds) from the government of the USA‘s NOAA and NASA.

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CLP 21/05/2020


Face, teeth and hair smart

Jump in car to seize the day

Unlease toxic fumes.


CLP 05/11/2018