on time

couldn't leave you nor
take you home, so I left you
standing on pavement


n.b. Sometimes Life is too short.

p.s. The bottle was just there this morning, honest!

CLP 27/07/2022

on time

Friday, what the F
break open the bub-ber-ley
birthday train ride


n.b. Not mine. Happy Birthday, mush. “Twenty past Ten; get the Scooby Snacks owat!”

n.n.b. “Owat” translates to ‘out’ further south in England.


On Water xvi

that helicopter

on a beeline up the coast

air-sea rescue, obvs

n.b. The elements of water and air combine to tragic effect at weekends when the concoction of homo-sapiens, alcohol and sunshine dull the mind, drown common-sense.

CLP 25/04/2021

On Losing (19)

What’s the bloody point

If it ends up in the drink?

“Go straight to Gaol do…”


n.b. Complete the well known phrase from a popular unpopular board game in words of your own...no one has a monopoly on truth.

CLP 20/12/2020

On Numbers 22

Out the door with you!

You know it makes sense to go

home and drink alone.


n.b. …where no one can hear you scream.

Tonight I was advised that I could not sit at a pub terrace because of the weather. I could see the setting Moon in a mostly clear sky. A beautiful night to sit out with a pint, but, oh no, if it rains then I would want to go inside, I was informed and that was not allowed.

So, due to Covid regulations and the weather restrictions, I was not permitted to drink on the riverside patio. I had dressed myself with suitable clothing for an autumnal evening, with the express intention of having a drink in the fresh air. Why the Hell would I want to sit inside a pub when the heavens were on display, the air warm and a river decorated by swans ran beneath me?

And chucking out time from the pubs is 22:00 hrs because Covid-19 only operates in the dead of night, apparently. They can re-open at 05:00 hrs.


CLP 23/10/2020

From the Street

Slurred songs echo up

Drinking woman sits on path

Where will her night end?


n.b. It’s only just turned 20:00h on a Saturday evening. It’s cold, damp, dark. She pauses her songs occasionally to bait a passer by.


CLP 17/10/2020

Come Away, Now!

The brothers shouting

At each other in the street

Steaming drunk

One boiling, spoiling to fight

Pour it all out

Break it all down

Smash it up


The elder pulls him away

Looks for another bar

They can stop at for another drink

To slow things down. Stop. Think.


CLP 07/10/2020

On Drinking

Did you know that there’s….

A problem with social drunks?

New bar, same story


n.b. Sadly, you may have recognised this phenomenon yourself; sorry if I am boring you. Drunks often seem to be caught in a place from their past and think drinking helps blot it out, but all it does is block out the present, while they replay the pain.


CLP 01/10/2019

Glass Half-Full

You always insisted

The glass was near half-empty

So kept topping up


n.b. If someone’s glass is always half-empty it means that someone is steadily drinking the top half. Best to let them choose to finish it, or re-fill it themselves.

CLP 01/08/2019

On The Blues

There is a rhythym

Wine at five, drunk by dinner

Twelve bars, or thirteen?


CLP 01/02/2019