on heat

wonder at mankind
trains to Paris undersea
pylons lift cables
systems of power
connect us to each other
bind us to our fate


n.b. Standing here overlooking Rainham Marshes, watching another bloody sunset, you can hear the electricity cables crackle as they carry charge towards the City of London.

If you listen really carefully, you can hear the insane laughter of stockholders celebrating multi-billions of profits being divvied up by BP, Shell and a few other energy companies, while the Earth’s climate spins inexorably out of control.

Nearby at Wennington, the scenes are of burnt houses, charred trees, scorched earth. Scenes familiar to residents of France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, California. What more proof does this once green and pleasant land need that things have changed, that we must change?

People blithely talk of access to air-conditioning, not aware that more energy is now used on such cooling equipment in summer than that used in winter to heat us. It is we who are being conditioned by the air.

Things have changed. Something’s gotta change.

CLP 04/8/2022

on light

precious metal
take me to bathe in sunshine
swim in heaven's blue

n.b. This is not Australia, a land of beautiful light; this is England, where such brilliance is a gift.


CLP 09/01/2022

L3 (Day 37): Thorpe St. Andrew

Another day when temperatures have not climbed much above zero centigrade. Bearable for a short cycle ride until turning into the easterly wind bowling in off the North Sea. Surprisingly chilly and not a day for diving in the River Yare like this Canada Goose did when I walked by.

New infections have started to fall in the UK and the number of people dying from Covid-19 and its mutations is decreasing. However, another 758 people were added to the casualty list today. The records are maintained by the Office For National Statistics.

The cold weather has probably encouraged people to stay indoors and not mix as much as they might, so this natural encouragement of the third lockdown’s strictures, may be a blessing. Combine this with the usual cut back in socialising after the Christmas and New Year festivities and maybe we have reason to be more optimistic now about getting infections down to manageable levels.

In New South Wales, Australia no new cases were declared in the morning of 13th February, 2021. The population of NSW is estimated at 8.1 million people. Zero sounds pretty manageable.

Meanwhile the UK vaccination programme is making progress, although what works against which variant of Covid-19 is still being determined.


CLP 12/02/2021

On Playing vi

Fast delivery

dug in short and cutting back

kisses collar bone


n.b. All due respect to the Indian men’s cricket team in getting the runs required to beat Australia on the last day of the last test match of the series. What a feat of resilience, skill, bravery and team work!

The Australian radio commentators were generous with their praise for the tourists’ victory in Brisbane. It made exciting radio listening. How wonderful for the 5,000 or so spectators watching the remarkable performance!

My senyrū refers to my own own experience of cricket and the excitement of playing against a good fast bowler. If that ball hits you…ouch!

Cricket is indisputably the best team game ever invented. I particularly enjoy how the different cricket playing nations have developed their own culture around the game.

If you would like to find out a bit more about one of the greatest cricket teams of all time I can recommend a film about the West Indian cricket team, Fire in Babylon. The link takes you to a trailer for the movie.

AND India has announced it is sending supplies of coronavirus vaccines to a number of neighbouring countries. The first shipment is already heading to Bhutan. Nepal, Myanmar, Maldives and Seychelles are also going to be receiving vaccines from India soon. That’s the kind of news I like.


CLP 19/01/2021

In Australia (Update – Sept 2020)

n.b. Three of the most senior RTZ managers have been resigned following protests about the destruction of the 46,000 year old sacred site at Juukan Gorge, in Pilbara, Australia). The executives retain their rights to any outstanding remuneration due under the terms of their employment contracts.


White out continues

RTZ apology

Not due anytime


n.b. 16,000 year old Aboriginal site has been destroyed, with government permission(!), despite pleas of the local indigenous population.

Notice of the blasting of the sacred site as part of the expansion of the Brockman 4 iron ore mine in Western Australia was given to the Puutu Kunti Kumarra and Pinikura people a whole 9 days before the work of desecration began on 15th May, 2020.

Mr Chris Salisbury and his colleagues at RTZ rub salt in the wounds of traditional “owners” of the sites by apologising “for the distress caused.” (for British readers and followers of Alexander Johnson’s incompetent government, note the use of the meaningless term “world class” in the company statement in the RTZ link above).

What is this, apologising for people’s reactions to harm and damage done by the apologiser? A person cannot apologise for another’s feelings, (see Priti Patel, UK Home Secretary’s recent performance, apologising for “people feeling” government has failed to provide NHS workers with adequate personal protection equipment.

A paper exercise, called “an enquiry” by Rio Tinto Zinc will follow this “misunderstanding” in the Hamersley Ranges of Western Australia.





In 1787 eleven ships

Set sail from Spithead

To New South Wales

On board people

Sentenced to Penal Servitude

For their crimes

” – the birth of modern Australia”

It’s only half the story


In 1987 was there a pause, your Majesty

To consider the impending fate

Of those indigenous people

Who did not understand

What was happening

When eleven ships arrived

In New South Wales

From Spithead?


CLP 10/02/2020