on autumn

here they come again
tumbling through overcast sky
air force jet fighters


CLP 18/10/2021

on autumn

steamed up windscreen attracts a playful finger
the smiley ghosts in and out of view
through October's low sunsets
and at each evening condensation
I know it was you
I recognise that smile


CLP 13/10/2021

no Moon

this is when I feel it most
the air thick with mist
desiccated leaves
scratching at paving slabs

fine webs strung between damp blades
covering verges except where disturbed
by fungi pushing through to pour out spores by the million

tonight there is no lunar distraction just railway siding lights,
street lights, traffic lights, headlights, crossing lights
red lights topping off a crane
a ceiling light in an uncurtained room
each corner bared without shame

above all this electric illumination
beyond the mist, night's black chasm
with Jupiter and its satellites bright
the redness of Mars distinct
even to my tired eyes

I'm nearly home, it's midnight
a digital sign tells me +17c
all I need to know
is when you'll next see me


CLP 09/10/2021

on autumn ii

abundance of fruit
kaleidoscope of colour
excess of weather


CLP 04/10/2021

on autumn

here she comes
bowling in, late again
unapologetic, slamming doors
throwing her rain-drenched coat on the hallway floor
yes, beautiful colours
striking markings
your beauty gets you off the hook
after the initial shock of your abrupt arrival
and a cup of tea
we'll snuggle down
wrap up all cosy
relish the dark evenings


CLP 01/10/2021

on Switzerland iii

heat of late September
accumulating moisture
brewing thunder storms


CLP 25/09/2021

on time

we approach halfway
between summer and winter
night prepares her cloak


n.b. Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere in 2021 falls around 23rd September.

CLP 21/09/2021


...for the heat to hot up
the sun to spot me
for clouds to come
pull me under their covers
and soak me through
I'm ready


CLP 08/09/2021


lone caw of crow
the thinning oak
willows dragging the river
for another lost summer


CLP 05/09/2021

On August

wasps sniff out sugar
hedges heavy with berries
thorns in our fingers


CLP 25/08/2021