on darkness

this is the limit
solar orbit continues
we move toward light


n.b. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it! Something to celebrate brothers and sisters.

n.b. This deal does not apply to dwellers in the southern hemisphere.


CLP 21/12/2021

on water

crystalline sky meets
golden tears wept by willows
life-belt's hollow ring


CLP 16/12/2021

on light

lilac tinge of evening
conclusion of autumn's days
floodlights' siren call


CLP 15/12/2022

on Autumn

tardy Sun arrives
pays us cursory visit
clocks off as soon as...


n.b. If it even bothers to turn up for work these days.

CLP 08/12/2021

on autumn

late arrival
early exit
you've left your old clothes
strewn on the street
and forgotten
to shut the door
behind you
there's a terrible draught
but thanks
for dropping by


CLP 03

on the street

walk on gold paving
countless, not unlimited
transient riches


CLP 21/11/2021

on autumn

rich pickings lie here
carpet of horse chestnut leaves
remnants of summer


n.b. Two Egyptian Geese nosing their way through leaf litter, barely visible in an English city centre.

CLP 12/11/2021

on mist

clouding boundaries
unsettling settling of doubts
softening edges


CLP 11/11/2021

on November

electric blanket
hot water bottle topped up
winter duvet


n.b. What else would one need as the temperature falls faster than leaves?

CLP 02/11/2021

autumn ii

as if I'd forgive
the discomfort inflicted
for your trick of light


n.b. British weather: fickle, or what?

CLP 20/10/2021