on time

grain spilt on roadside
train rushes past fresh cut corn
harvest dust clouds air


n.b. It’s begun! Is this the best season of the year?

CLP 13/07/2022

On Water XLVI

makes up eighty-five

percent of grass, around sixty

percent of humans


CLP 23/05/2021

On Barley Yields in Norfolk, 2020

Without rains of spring

Fibrous, malnourished ripe crop

Heads of brewers’ droop


n.b. The beer industry may have to turn to farmers in Europe for grain, but OH! the UK has left the EU and talks are not going well.

Noses missing from faces! Not a good look. Another good reason to wear a face-mask, boys (for it is manly, private school boys who pushed for this isolation from our nearest and soon to be dearest, trading partners).

By the way chaps, where is the report on Russian interference in British politics? It awaits publication. Chop, chop!

Do look up Brewer’s Droop online if it is a new phrase to you. First I had heard of the phenomenon too 😇


CLP 09/07/2020


Sea of barley

Heads dropped

Ears heavy

Blades need to be dusted off

Harvester readied

It’s time

And the wheat will be ready too

Soon enough

CLP 10/07/2019