on light

If I can't see it
does this mean that I am blind
or you've dreamt it up?


n.b. We cannot win arguments about beliefs, it is a well-known fact.

CLP 03/05/2022

About One in Two Hundred Thousands

Late evening, I walk past the guildhall
pride of place epitomised in stone
Victoria's solid figure set glum-faced
stares unseeing across the city square
Did imperial majesty not make you happy, ma'am?

Ahead a space, where a big block stood
reduced to its foundations with civic care
floor-by-floor removed
kitchens, bathrooms, lounges
down-to-earth homes now grounded

This rebuilt city shifts again
from its 1940s shattered remains
to quick-fix accommodation
to divided houses with doorbells arrayed
too many people in too little space

Concrete defences fight off the rapacious sea
While two hundred thousand people relax
By turning up the television volume
To hide a woman's screams
On screen that's entertainment
as for her, reality bites

I hesitate and turn
Which street? Which low-rise?
I cannot locate the source of pain
Someone surely must be closer
Police already called to intervene

I walk on clinging to my timely rediscovered belief
in love-thy-neighbour
myths of Blitz-spirit community
the local friendly British Bobby
under mocking seagull cries


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twelve prompt; something small. Here the possible odds of somebody doing the right thing in time.

CLP 12/04/2022

Truth, it’s out there


I want

I want you

I want you to

I want you to be

I want you to be happy


CLP 20/01/2021

The New Lollards

Believing science a belief

Disdainful of vaccinations

They place trust in horoscopes

Believe homeopathy a medicine

Ask the Universe for gifts

Think cancer can be cured

By a change of diet

And are happy to accept

Anecdotes as truth

Ignorant, as they are, of statistics

While doctors of ologies

Offering little but snake-oil

Milk them of subscription fees

Anually for Gaia dot com


n.b. It’s scary how many wealthy people are sucked in by this kind of baloney, but having subscribed to such Internet flim-flammery, their investment demands post-rationalisation to excuse their expenditure of excess, discretionary income on hogwash.

The New Lollards are believers in New Age spiritualism and pseudo-science. The films they watch make them well-versed in the denial of rational thinking. There is a place for them in Norwich, The Lollards’ Pit, (a pub).

The original meaning of the term Lollard is “uneducated.” What the existence of the New Lollards demonstrate is that a spiritual vacuum exists where there is money to be made. Strangely most of the exploiters of this business opportunity appear to be men, with rich women most often their customers.

It is interesting to note that the Lollards and Lollardy were forerunners to Protestantism, so were then seen as subversive, rather than ill-informed; time will tell.


CLP 24/08/2020


At last they are here!

Welcome them with open arms.

Your dreams become you


CLP 13/07/2020

On Endings (xiv)

Call local priest in

To bless with extreme unction

Last chance to sign up


CLP 24/06/2020