on time

delight at chorus
spring equinox approaches
blackbirds herald dawn


CLP 17/03/2023

on sun

bright break in snow storm
chaffinches exchange songlines
lone owl's mournful call


n.b. Cowm Reservoir, Lancashire served up all weathers with a suite of birdsong.

CLP 14/03/2023

on light

it's nearly midnight
there is too much of it now
they sing all night long


n.b. Not that I’m objecting to birdsong.

CLP 14/05/2022

on dawn

grass sparks, smoulders, smokes
brittle chaffinch call echoes
night's pale shroud lifted


CLP 20/01/2022

on light

tune into new day
Sun tweaks its colour settings
birdsong audible


n.b. Without the dampening affect of full foliage the morning is a pretty noisy time of day, particularly now that there is no lockdown in England and traffic on the bypass and into the city centre is increasingly heavy.


CLP 12/01/2022

on birdsong

frost feathers windscreens
sharp lunarian light
blackbird's confusion


n.b. City living can be exhausting, not least when an excess of light blurs night with day. Birdsong can be heard at all hours, under a clear sky when a full moon rises.


CLP 22/12/2021


cogs and wheels spinning
birdsong, silence of kestrel
not thinking for now


n.b. Thank you SO for planning the route this morning. I put my gears into motion, put my mind into neutral. Phew!

CLP 13/11/2021

On Water xxxiii

humidity change

softens the blackbird’s sharp song

permeates morning


CLP 10/05/2021

Prunella modularis


Modest hedgerow shuffler

Sweet fluttering notes


n.b. The dunnock, also known as the hedge sparrow, is a rather dull creature until it opens its throat to sing. Better that way round I think. The RSPB website has a clip of the song. For me the song is the most beautiful morning wake up call, for which I am most grateful. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/dunnock/

CLP 11/01/2019