on love

take the freedom walk
firehoses, dogs, prison bars
four girls as angels


n.b. Birmingham, Alabama, once the frontline of the hate line, a victory for love.

I studied at Birmingham Polytechnic in the period 1978 – 82. Coming to its namesake city has been an education. Real friendly place, as the locals might say, but do not walk down specific streets after dark they advise in all sincerity.

on time

oh, your majesty
it's been a while since you passed
I was in a Wimpey


n.b. Colmore Row, Birmingham, 1980/81 if I’m not mistaken, finishing a Quarter Pounder with cheese, waiting for the cavalcade to go by.

You waved, I didn’t. Rude of me perhaps, but I was eating.

CLP 11/06/2022