On Light

gloom forms about us

birch shuffles uneasily

blackbird flits to hedge


CLP 30/07/2021

On Water xxxiii

humidity change

softens the blackbird’s sharp song

permeates morning


CLP 10/05/2021

On The Tree

After spring day’s warmth

Sleep calls to our sun-pinked skin.

Insomniac bird!


n.b. Get with the programme, birdie!


CLP 30/03/2021

Sitting Target

Distressed blackbird clucks

Disturbance within hedgerow

Smug cuckoo departs


n.b. Here is Sir David Attenborough taking you through the dirty work of the parasite obligate we call the cuckoo.

CLP 31/04/2020

On Rain XVI

Plip plop plap plick plish

Pibble plabble plub pleesh pleb

Music to the ear


n.b. With melody provided by the blackbird.

CLP 13/06/2019